Hd-6-160 cup printing machine

Hd-6-160 cup printing machine

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Purpose of cup printing machine: This machine is widely used for printing plastic products such as beverages, yogurt, ice cream cups, convenient lunch boxes, etc. With the characteristics of compact structure, strong rigidity, low noise and high efficiency, it is an ideal environmental protection mechanical equipment. It adopts horizontal cup feeding and prepress electric ironing to make the impression clear and solid.

Features of cup printing machine: 1. The curved surface offset printing machine is relief printing, which prints color pictures, words and trademark patterns on the surface of plastic (conical) products by offset printing, and prints eight color patterns at one time. The printed product has a clear network, and the full version is plain on the ground. 2. The main motor adopts three-phase variable frequency speed regulation, synchronous belt drive, stepless speed regulation, stable operation and no noise. 3. The size of ink supply is adjustable, and the pressure adjustment of ink equalizing roller is convenient and ideal for ink supply. 4. The printing plate is installed in the gluing type, which is convenient for up and down printing plates and easy for chromatic registration. 5. The printing roller and plate roller are cantilever type, and the pressure adjustment is simple and reliable. In order to meet the needs of users, this machine can form four-color and five color machines for your use, and can be customized according to requirements.

Technical parameters of cup printing machine

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